A School Designed for Learning

When you attended school, did you learn in a place that was bright and airy and had flexible spaces for interaction?

Like many of us, you probably attended a traditional school with rows of desks, standard classrooms and an institutional feel. Education today is much more interactive and experiential. Students learn in a variety of ways and need different types of spaces for learning. At Holy Cross College the facilities and organisational structures have been designed to reflect current thinking in education.

Organisational models and facilities design are now integral to the challenge of providing students with an education that prepares them for the 21st Century economy and society. The design and structures at Holy Cross College promote flexibility, ensuring that the development of the school is informed first and foremost by the needs of students, both now and into the future. 

Our facilities include:

•Learning Resource Centre
•Early Learning Centre
•Nature Playground Mid 2014
•Secondary Learning Centres
•Science Centre
•Food Technology Studio
•Art Studio
•Design and Technology Studio 
•Music Studio
•College Café
•Sports Fields
•Hard Surface Courts for Basketball, Netball and Tennis

Conceptual Walkthrough Early Learning Centre, Opening 2014;

Our facilities include:

  • Learning Resource Centre
  • Secondary Learning Centres
  • Science Centre
  • Food Technology Studio
  • Art Studio
  • Design and Technology Studio 
  • Music Studio
  • College Cafe

  • Conceptual WalkthroughNew Secondary Learning Centre, Opening 2014;