Junior School

Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6

Junior School is based in the Early Learning Centre.  At Holy Cross College we aim to foster the intellectual and creative development of inquisitive early learners inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. The curriculum for our youngest students will promote a sense of identity and well being allowing for the development of confident and engaged learners. Children will be encouraged to develop an enjoyment of learning, an understanding of the world around them and a positive relationship with others. Our Learning Studios are set up in different areas to provoke curiosity, inquiry and exploration.  Experiences in the Early Learning Centre at Holy Cross College will provide a firm foundation for future learning. This begins with the developmentally appropriate child-centred play-based approach to learning which is essential before students move through to the concrete experiences and introduction of abstract thinking. There will be a focus on literacy and numeracy as well as on social, emotional and physical development. Holy Cross College is a future focused school and the use of information communication technology is an integral part of the learning programme.

Our Early Learning Centre has been specifically designed to promote collaboration and creativity in a safe and secure environment. It will include internal and external learning spaces and play areas where students can enjoy diverse and stimulating experiences. Junior School students will also have access to other specialist facilities in the College.

Enrolment Applications are welcome for all year levels Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 to start school in 2016. 

Pre-Kindergarten (3 Year Old Programme)

The Pre-Kindergarten Programme catering for children who have turned 3 years of age but are not yet old enough to be in the Kindergarten Programme. The programme is designed to be developmentally appropriate and meet the children’s interests and needs.  Session times are every Monday and or Friday 9am to 2:30pm.  Parent involvement is welcome.  

Enrolment into Kindergarten is not automatic and will require a separate application.