Senior School

Year 10, Year 11 & Year 12


In Senior School at Holy Cross College, the Year 10, Year 11, Year 12 courses become increasingly focused and specialised. Students can choose from a range of subjects that will prepare them for university and vocational pathways. 

Selected students can participate in DaVinci 10, a challenging and rigorous extension programme. In Years 11 and Year 12 students can access ONSITE which is a College Workplace Learning Programme.  Students spend one day per week in an industry of their choice. With the benefit of an ONSITE programme behind them, students can be better prepared to find their niche in industry. Students who are accepted into the specialist ONSITE programme have access to specialised training in numerous areas. In these specialised courses ONSITE manages the work place training while TAFE deliver the qualification.

Senior School courses for Year 10, Year 11 & Year 12 at Holy Cross College commence after the school holidays in October each year, ie Spring Term. This allows students a full four terms for each of the Senior School years including Year 12. 


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